How to choose a tie and how to wear it properly

Nowadays, a tie is a mandatory addition to the formal dress code. Additionally, in many professions wearing a tie with a suit helps secure one’s career. In a professional environment, the choice of this basic accessory is important for another reason: to have an advantage over colleagues whose clothes do not fully correspond to the required codes.

Whether you’re going to work, making a good impression during a job interview, or just having fun, a tie is a must-have accessory in your wardrobe. Classic and timeless, it can be worn in all circumstances, in order to emphasize the individuality and style of the owner and complete his outfit.

The most important thing you need to learn forever – the tie clip cannot exceed the width of the tie. There should be no protruding parts, because this will tell you about your extremely bad taste. The joint is not only put on ties: first of all, its task is to fasten the tie of the shirt. Count three buttons in the throat and in the place where there is a gap between the third and fourth, attach a hook to the link. Became the happy owner of the clip from the chain and the ring fixed on the chain, but were confused and did not understand how to properly put on the clip in this case? Remember: The first thing on the ring is worn on the button, and then only the shirt is attached – the chain is secured. Suspenders and ties must be of the same style.

However, the watch, bracelet and ring should also match your set. Accessories of different precious metals, put together, will spoil your reputation pohlesche tie, “bathed” in soup. There is perhaps nothing more of a business partner’s nightmare than the announcement that your tie is a clip – silver, cufflinks or ring made of gold. Accessories wear smoothly, parallel to the horizon line. A cinched clasp in a pathetic attempt to hold a tie looks messy. A little tight tie to form an almost imperceptible wave is comfortable wearing a shirt and tie, secured with a tie.