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Organic cotton for Africa shirts

All of our cotton shirts are made out of organic cotton (we sometimes even add recycled organic cotton). Organic cotton means that pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers and GMO seeds are not used when growing crops.

Farmers use natural fertilizers and natural pest control instead. They also practice crop rotation which means they also grow soybeans, wheat or other crops to increase nutrients in the soil.

Organic cotton used for our shirts has GOTS Certificate and comes from organic farmers in Tanzania, India or Türkiye.

In most cases, organic cotton is grown by small farmers. Organic farming decreases their dependency to big agrochemical corporations.

Last but not least, growing organic cotton emits less CO2 and uses less water.

Mileta shirt material Czech Republic​

We present to you the material of Mileta. Country of origin Czech Republic, one of the best sellers in recent years.

Exceptional quality that provides elegance throughout the day. Non iron or easy care shirts perfect for wearing throughout the day because they won’t wrinkle and you’ll always look neat.

Getzner shirt material Switzerland

We make an active contribution to environmental protection, the motto of our partner company. By subjecting our products to bluesign® certification, we strive to preserve a safe and healthy environment.

Materials that are 100% cotton and come in various shades and details will surely leave a good impression on you.

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